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Our plant’s characteristics allow us to be extremely versatile in terms of project selection.


Production surface : 50 000 sq. ft.
Outside loading area : 54' x 600'
Length of plant : 500 feet
Clear height : 35 feet
Paint : 2 areas of 16 500 sq. ft.

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Our Lifting Capacity

Our plant is equipped with several overhead cranes, allowing us to lift substantial weight.

Lifting Capacity

Reception area : - Two overhead cranes of 10 tons.
Production area : - Seven overhead cranes of 2 tons each.
- Three overhead cranes of 5 tons each.
- Four overhead cranes of 10 tons each.
- One overhead crane of 20 tons.
- One overhead crane of 25 tons.
- One overhead crane of 50 tons.
Cargo area : - One overhead crane of 25 tons and one overhead crane of 50 tons used inside and outside of the plant.

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Our CNC equipments

Our plant is equipped with state of the art machinery, which allows us to deliver first-rate finished products.

• Shot-blasting machine • Flame cutter
• Beam line • Angle line
• Cambering machine • Coping machine
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